Making the Transition

The transition to CSB Associates would be painless and seamless. Actuaries are required to furnish any information you request to the successor actuary. Since our formation in 1994, dozens of clients have switched to CSB Associates. We have never had a problem and have received all requested information promptly. We do not charge any transition fees for the takeover process.

The transition process usually involves preparation of two letters to be sent by the client to the incumbent actuary, one a formal termination notice, the other a list of the information and material we wish to have the incumbent actuary furnish to us. To avoid having the client incur excessive charges for reproduction of documents and gathering of information, we offer an alternative. We will visit the client's offices and reproduce, at no charge to the client, as much of the required information and material as the client has in its possession. We have found that this frequently results in significant economies for the client and shortens the transition period.