CSB Services Include

(but are not limited to)

Defined Benefit Pension Plans

  • Actuarial valuations for both funding and accounting purposes
  • AFTAP certifications
  • Annual funding Notices / Summary of Annual Reports
  • Form 5500 including Schedule SB.
  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (“PBGC”) annual premium calculations
  • ASC 715-30 (formerly FAS 87, 88, 132, 158) reports for qualified and SERP plans
  • Top-Heavy and Non-Discrimination Testing
  • IRS Determination Letter applications
  • Plan Documents and Plan Amendments
  • Special studies to determine cost impact due to plan changes, including early retirement windows
  • Certification of Funding Status for multi-employer plans
  • Benefit calculations
  • Individual Benefit Statements
  • Plan Terminations
  • Plan Design Studies

Defined Contribution Plans

  • Maintain participant records, including eligibility for participation, vested status, employee contributions, employer contributions, and account balances.
  • Determine trust fund gain or loss, receivables and benefit disbursements
  • Update participant accounts by allocating contributions, forfeitures, trust fund gain or loss, and adjust distributions and withdrawals
  • Conduct nondiscrimination test required for 401(k) plans
  • Furnish individual benefit certificates for participants
  • Prepare the annual report (Form 5500) and appropriate schedules for filing with Internal Revenue Service

Post Retirement Medical and Life Insurance Programs

  • Conduct special studies to determine cost of plan changes
  • Determination of Net Periodic Benefit Cost and financial disclosure items required in accordance with ASC 715-60 (formerly FAS 106, 132)